Valdezarza Picual in Gift Box 16.9oz

$ 10.95

  • All oils have less than 2% maximum acidity
  • size 16.9oz / 500ml
  • From San Martín de Montalbán, 27 miles Southwest of Toledo (Spain)


Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Gift Box


Valdezarza is a family company, endowed with great flexibility in its management. During years of experience , Valdezarza has been producing and transforming the fruit in a excell olive oil.Valdezarza attaches great importance to the cultivation of olive trees, agricultural treatment and collection a fruit healthy, high quality. Property lands, planted with improved varieties of olive, are suitable for olive cultivation.

Low acidity (0,2% max.), excellent aroma and flavor. Ideal for use in salads and stews and all sorts of culinary preparations of superior quality gourmet. Packaged in dark glass to preserve the high qualities of the oil.

The oils of low-lying lands tend to have more body, with a slightly bitter taste and a hint of wood, while the olives cultivated in the mountain regions tend to be sweeter, with a fresh flavor.
This oil is best used in frying, although it is equally good for salads and gazpachos.

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