About Us

The story of Spain Gourmet (and Olé Olé Foods) starts with Conrad Adillon’s love for food. This began long before he was born in the picturesque town of Vic in Catalonia, Spain. The year was 1936 and the Spanish Civil War had begun. Too young to fight in the war, Miquel Adillon, Conrad’s father, enlisted in the army as a cook and, while preparing rations to feed the hungry troops, homed his culinary skills.

Years later, Miquel and his bride opened Casa Marina, a grocery store in the center of Vic. Here they sold their wonderful homemade butifarras, and llongonisas – Catalan style sausages – as well as fresh meats, delicious soups and stews, and other local specialties. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Conrad helped his parents run the family store. It was here his father taught the young Conrad the art of preparing traditional Spanish dishes and instilled in him the value of good, honest food. Whether he was cooking a paella over an open fire with his father or sharing the cuisine and traditions of his native country with friends, he never forgot the words of the Spanish saying – You must live to eat, not eat to live.

 In 1998, now married and living in the United States, the time was right to bring the foods of Spain to his new friends and family in the form of Spain Gourmet and Olé Olé Foods, dedicated to bringing the best quality foods from Spain to the American family.

Conrad Adillon (1st from right) and his father, Miquel (3rd from right) prepare a paellafor 250 people. C1978 in the Pyrenees Mountains, Spain.